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Hi, Welcome to my profile. I am your average guy. I love gaming and because of gaming I got interested in 3D and animation so I did a year course of multimedia and completed it, most of the time it was fun! I also taught myself video editing. Spent so much time on Sony Vegas to learn the basics so I can create video game montages and movies. From time to time I like to draw but I've always loved anime style. Even though as a child I watched a lot of cartoons but couldn't help but love the anime art style growing up. I also listen to a lot of music. I grew up listening to Hip Hop music and love it. Don't worry I also listen to some other genres like techno, reggae, rock, metal and some other RnB and Pop music. This is me, myself and I and looking forward to some new things to experience in this wide world. SORRY FOR PROJECT SPAMS, I'M NEW HERE XD

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VFX Shot of Characters settling their rivalry with lasers...


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VFX Test on how are we gonna do something about this situation in the video. We shot these with classmates as the actors. So the character fires a projectile and it was up to us and our imagination on what the character does. Also how the other character defends himself from the projectile. This was made in Adobe After Effects. The charging scene is I took an inspiration of the anime Naruto where one of the ninjutsu techniques they use in the show is called the Rasengan. When charging the laser it looks like the Rasengan and then fires a laser projectile into a polygon shaped shield which changed color when hit.