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Hola! My name is Paulina, im 21 years old and studying Fashion design in Centro de diseño,cine y television at Mexico and Foreign Relations. I speak english, french and spanish fluently . I play basketball, swim and run cause i love to be in constantly activity and be productive in every sense. I have done works from illustration till design, patternmaking and sew a clothe. I´m seriously interested about doing from the fashion illustration till develop and design an entire fashion collection, to understand how can the body be wrap, the experimentation in textiles, in forms and the ways of the fashion design process. In some of my works you can see that. I also love photography in general but i will like to learn to have better perspective inside the fashion field. I seriously desire to get and win one of the four scholarships that are given, its a great opportunity to explore another vision about the fashion industry, the process and creation. It a unique experience.

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The project was about creating and designing a costume bringing it to the contemporary and real present time . The process is in the project before this one