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I am a graduate of Industrial Design at PUCP, 2013. Creation and design of products has always been one of my interests and the development of such a source of curiosity. I have learned the creative and analytical process necessary for proper make of products, which is constantly improving as I go in my professional development. This way, I can reach more innovative and better solutions for users and developers.

I love videogames, i am interested in the development of 3D characters and their animation, game research and creating new ways of learning. I want to improve my technique to make better products and I know I still have a long way to. Because I'm a industrial designer I can create new objects with caracteristics closer to reality. I have design: 2d and 3d games, Apps, vehicles, toys, etc. I won 2 StartUp Weekends Lima and a design in “Lo Inimaginalbe Posible” at University of Technology and Engineering. I am also a cast member of "Di que Sí " a
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boss fight
boss fight
Boss fight
Boss fight


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In a very distant future mankind tried to recover their lost gods. However, they did not expect them to unleash their fury and cause destruction in their wake ...

Now, our only salvation is a young man who sacrificed his humanity to be able to hold them. He's ... HIPER-CHASKI !!!