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As a passionate artist striving to become and study what I have always dreamed of studying and pursuing, I am more than excited to bring and test my creativity and technical skills. Challenging myself and always wanting to achieve more has always been the most visible part of my character. My personality is built upon the desire to exceed expectations and show people how my work can and will pass the limit. By challenging myself, i constantly develop new skills, knowledge and learn to put in more. Pursuing Interior design is the most efficient way to test my limits. Being an interior designer will give me the joy of creating living spaces and designing everything from scratch. The process, the challenges, the mistakes, and the results all come together in creating the most fascinating works. My passion for interior design exceeded through reading and creating projects. My strength in observing my surroundings has played a substantial role where designs are created in my head and later.

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This project has been a long process for me, I focused on creating the most realistic image of the Bedouin culture specifically in a town called Fayoum, where art has been strongly appreciated for centuries. Chalk has been a major element in creating the most beautifully pieces I have ever seen. Which is why I have chosen to stick with chalk in order to bring out more of the Bedouin cultures and norms. This piece has strong meaning behind it, not only for foreigners who (view)this piece but most importantly for Bedouin locals who have lived to (feel) this piece.