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I am a student at the Lycée Descartes (French High School EFMA), terminal STG, specialty marketing. I apply for your competition because i actually intended to work in the fashion industry, because of keen interest maintained by the family context.
My parents have created a mark in the 80s whose products are made in their factory. Early on, they encouraged my creative side and my early curiosity - I see myself as a child, trying to assemble fabrics, colors, drapes, and receive encouragement from my mother - I've come to a real motivation, which guided my career. In a few years i would like to continue the family business and relay my mother creating my own collections.
- Fashion design :
The work that i sent you are a small collection of clothing that I crafted and entitled "The Tree of vowels." "The Tree of vowels" is a sculpture by Guiseppe Penone witch is a tree in bronze represented in a natural environment. The relationship between his work and my collection comes from the choice of bronze as a material for his sculpture. Bronze is a metal that changes color over time, but that does not change texture. Fashion also changes over time, but it can occur at any time of backtracking or projection into the future through cutting-edge example. Therefore, I separated the collection in three theme :
-The Renaissance (historical period)
- Urban female citizen
- The avant-garde.
In September 2012, I attended in « Première Vision » show in Paris to choose my fabrics and accessories. Then i drew the first model. And finally thanks to the family buisness I realize my prototype. Finaly, a friend weared them to take the photos.
- Interior design :
This mock represents the project of a restaurant which we had to realize for a exam in marketing for the high school diploma. I realized this model for the pleasure, and to allow the jury to see details executed with the software: sweethome3D
Thanks to the range of courses you offer, the professional benefits I can get coming out of your training will be a brief but comprehensive overview of fashion that will prepare me upstream fashion studies. Indeed, different sectors present in your campus are a real cultural enrichment. The diversity of your education will only increase my motivation punctuated by my passion for fashion.
Sarah Khales

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