Dripped by you and hung by you

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Overall view of the installation


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‘Dripped by you and hung by you’ focuses on the idea of alcoholism from the perspective of childhood memories and how they have created a lasting impact. It particularly focuses on the symbol of wine bottles to give an accurate representation of how the memories have ‘hung over’ me.

125 wine bottles are dripped with white ink and hung by string and placed on the ground surrounding a large black and white A0 size photographic self-portrait that is dripped with ink to reveal the physical memory that is staining me. The bottles are placed in a staggered formation around the photograph to convey how the memory is subconsciously and consciously constantly around me. The effect of the work is encompassing because of the angles it can be viewed from.

The final installation is a visual representation of the memory alcoholism and helps to convey a sense of pathos. This is created to communicate the topic of ‘memory’ and the effect it has had on me.

EDIT: 'Turner Award', FGS, 7/11/2019