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Dear Santa,
Is about 18 years I don't write you my "Christmas wishes letter"... By the way, can I have for this Christmas enough money to establish my fashion house and to keep it running and healthy for a while?

Yours Francesca
P.S. If you wish, I can send you a business plan, I am sure you will find it great!

I am a young fashion designer, I' m interested in the connection between personality and body language expressede by the cloths and color used in the daily life: "I am fascinated by people, their individual style and their personality", and photography help me in this: I use to visit cities and take pictures of people and object that inspired me. My camera follow me in every where, I love it!

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First prize LEVI`S® Womenswear Award for the best womenswear collection that responds to the "sustainability through innovation" brief at the Mittelmoda competition.

My idea of fashion "Sustainability through Innovation" is something wearable, nice looking.
I developed a technological capsule collection which is fashion, some garments generates their own electricity, and some other are partial hand-crafted and in some case can be easily adapted.
This collection is designed for a luxury hotel, where guests come and in their room are available some garments, and they can be worn mixed with guests own stuff.
The collection feeling is like a couture collection with embroideries and decorations, where technology stuff looks like an embellishment.