EcoTech Visions Crowdfunding Campaign

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I find new ways every day to use my creative abilities to make the world a better place. I make the future now.

I do this with bleeding-edge, user-centered, conscious design as my default. My creative breakthroughs are fueled by insights and sound strategy.

I am an interdisciplinary designer with a passion for branding, print design, package design, interaction design and customer experience design with food and retail clients.

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Flyer and biodegradable spoon were manually assembled with twine.
Flyer and biodegradable spoon were manually assembled with twine.


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Project details


EcoTech Visions, a local green business incubator, needed an innovative idea for the annual crowdfunding event, Give Miami Day.

We spread the word with a sample of a biodegradable spoon made from potatoes, made by one of the businesses sponsored by the incubator.

This promo, written and designed by yours truly, was distributed at Miami Heat games, the Miami International Auto Show and other populated local events.

Unlike many other flyers that are often instantaneously discarded, many people stopped to ask more questions. Over $14,000 was raised in three weeks time. Not bad for the short notice!