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This piece of work of mine, was very symbolic to overcoming depression.Based on my personal experience, depression felt like drowning. Not only this but an imprisonment, to thoughts, to habitual tendencies and the list goes on.
The casting of this project was a huge connection to this theme, as my model raj had been through similar life experiences. I shot him at my home in my bath tub, I coloured the water a bright vibrant blue in a nontoxic bath bomb;this correlates with part 2 of this photo series (photos in Raj in front of an aquarium tank which symbolises another form of imprisonment and raj's contrasting freedom). When shooting I would ask Raj to submerge his face under the water and slowly emerge in order to portray his overcoming of drowning in depression. I shot this on 35mm in order to have a balance of natural film grit and use of the flash to gain clarity whilst raj being underwater. The post production led me to creating a gif contrasting vibrance and warmth with coolness.