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The very first video walk I've done, it was without the sound element
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This was one of the individual projects I've enjoyed a lot. It did allow me to try things that I never thought could be together. Such as live recording and sound generating.
The idea was inspired by Cardiff Miller's project video "Alter Bahnhof Video Walk," the video interpreted the interaction of space and time. I was more confused on turning the live action into audio; it's the kind of instinct transaction between image and sound that attract my attention. Sound and image are the two biggest elements in making a video clip, yet the sound was always used to set the mood for the visual. In this experimental project, I've tried the other way around.
While working around with a recording device in my hand, I set the image/sound converter to read the values of brightness and hue, then process the tones based on these values, so as I walk along the road, I would get a real-time image-sound sequence ready for me to listen.