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filmed in Iceland


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This is a dance film I created in Iceland based on the concept of ephemerality vs. eternality. I am awestruck by the permanence of the energy and matter that make us up despite how fleeting our own existences are. I have always been particularly inspired by the water that circulates throughout the planet and ourselves. Some of it is even older than our sun and although our bodies are 60% water, we are nothing but its current manifestation; we cannot tell the entire story on our own.
I am both a dancer and photographer but I have always viewed these two art forms as opposites. In dance, you can work forever on something that will only ever exist in one moment, but through photography, you are able to immortalize such a moment. Because of the way these two art forms illustrate the complex nature of ephemerality vs. eternality, I felt I had to use both to truly express my concept.