Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

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Hi, I’m Solveig, a Year 10 student at Concord High, currently taking classes in Visual Arts and Textiles Technology. I am an aspiring artist and designer interested in fashion and interior design.
I enjoy illustration and design because it is a relaxing activity to do in my downtime, and also allows me to express my creativity in varied mediums. I am also a fan of oversized jumpers.

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Project details


‘Every Cloud has a Silver Lining’ is a collection of sleepwear garments I designed, drew and sewed for Textiles Technology at school. Our project was to make sleepwear for Peter Alexander inspired by a current trend in youth culture. I took my inspiration from the ‘Teddy Coat’ trend and created a dressing gown based off this. By using a faux fur fabric, I was able to create a ‘teddy coat’-style dressing gown - soft, cuddly and warm. Noticing the cloud-like features of the fabric,  I decided to complete the set with a night-time themed pair of flannelette pants using a moon and cloud print fabric I found (not my design).
I made a mood-board from images out of magazines and catalogues, to portray the emotions and feelings I wanted to invoke with my design. 
I illustrated my final concept sketches with Copic alcohol markers to accurately portray the softness of the garments.  The final concept is intended to have silver piping, to go with the theme.