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Evoke Yoga Branding
Evoke Yoga Branding


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This project is very close to my heart.
A dear friend of mine opened a yoga studio in Sydney and asked me to do the branding and logo design for his studio despite knowing I am very new to design.

Aaron is not just a yoga teacher, he is a movement therapist and energy healer.
Aaron’s work is about connecting people and developing a deeper relationship with themselves through creative movement, whether that be dance, acro yoga, or massage. The creative challenge for me was how could I visually represent all that Aaron is and does? This is what I came up with.

The hands at the center of the logo represent Aaron’s ‘healing hands,’ capturing massage, yoga assists, and connection.

The hands lead to the lotus flower which represents the growth that comes from connection and yoga practice.

The vines that move up the hands to the lotus flower represent the importance of nature and sustainability to the studio and to Aaron.