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Mood Board - artist Romero Britto
Mood Board - artist Romero Britto
Geek outside but a hero inside
Geek outside but a hero inside


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Six-word story narrative: Geek outside but a Hero inside
Characters: Teenager's- 20's
Theme: Pop Art
Composition: Collage
Inspiration: Romero Britto
Story: This story speaks about the personality of a geek as a person and the way people see them. They are a normal person who likes books, clothes, gadgets, comics, apps & cartoon. They are fascinated by hero's, look up to them because they feel that they too have something in common. It's their bravery and confidence that they portray which gives them hope. A geek doesn't need a need a superhero costume but will surely do & always help people which makes them a hero. This is a brief story of a geek which is seen by people & a hero inside which you will know once you get to know them.