Project media

We tired to make a 3 minute silence movie, It might get difficult to follow the story, due to less time to explain. But fun again and also with editing. Hope you enjoy!
Just edited clips i had being taking on my phone(about 10-15 days) and editing them all together. Editing is Fun!
We tired to make an advertisement for the WaterFront in Auckland. Everything into a Dog's perspective. Quite fun and challenging.
We picked a topic that was very interesting to do some research and got to learn from it. What are your Phobia? You think, you can overcome them? :)


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Project details


Playing with camera and Adobe Premier Pro.
Also worked as a team for shooting around the town.
the Awesome team: Derek Nicoll, Chelceey Mishima, Yuya Hattori, Simon Semyonov and myself. :)
Editing is Fun to me. So many ways to pick from!