Fixing Priorities

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I am a year 12 student in Mount Albert Grammar school. I have loved to draw since I was 5 and have continued to do so. Although I am new to digital art, I am very passionate to learn about new techniques every so often. I want to improve my drawings by using every opportunity I get to draw about unfamiliar, meaningful ideas.

I am a quiet person but I like to express myself through my drawings. As a year 12, I do not get to draw as much as I used to because we have to be worried about exams but every time I have free time, I grab my pencil and let it do its thing.

I chose my subject matters depending on my mood and thoughts about a particular topic. I like to be unique with my drawing and painting techniques even though sometimes the outcome may not satisfy me. I'm always keen to try new things!

I find drawing enjoyable, almost as much as I find rollercoasters fun :)

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Fixing Priorities
Fixing Priorities


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This is a depiction of how I view society these days. There are some choices that must be chosen but the society nowadays choose the latter luxurious option rather than the resourceful one. I chose to draw branded accessories such as gucci, dior, chanel, etc. to show how people may sacrifice certain important things for a visual representation of their social status. The figure is nude because now she may have a great social status but not her dignity. She is blindfolded was the influences of media and her peers so she is forgetting what is important; her identity (mask on).

I don't want to mean that people would rather be nude than not have branded clothes but that they would be uncomfortably prideful than showing they don't own certain types of 'trendy' clothing which exposes their social status.