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I enjoy innovation and love to experiment with different ideas. I am known for inspiring and devising original, thought-provoking concepts. I have cultivated visual design, adobe creative suite, and graphic design skills through diverse experiences. I have an artistic eye and a strong work ethic, but I also like to foster an element of fun. I also offer experience in communication, planning, and time-management.

Also, I dedicated Educator with more than 7 years of experience and advanced verbal and written communication skills for the delivery of quality instruction and creation of a positive learning environment. And I've been teaching creative students and developing innovative art and design concepts.

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Guess-Play with the emotion!


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This game was designed to help children to know the importance of the feelings and reactions and to practice to express various emotions in childhood that are "growing" physically and emotionally. Children are poor at handling negative emotions, not positive ones, and can either have difficulty expressing their feelings properly or soon turn away from them with their true feelings buried deep in their hearts. I wanted to design an effective way to use, all of them, with their relationships, family and friends, and even counsellors, who help them regain stability when they are emotionally challenged.
As a child, board games are a type of game that children encounter primarily and are usually characterised as "together" with others. It also has lots of benefits children in a variety of ways, including memory, cognitive ability, improved response speed, relieving stress and reducing the risk of emotional illness. And board games are an effective means of development for emotion an