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Craig Hall is Director of Photography for documentaries, music videos, commercials, and broadcast tv content. He also creates visual art projects for both motion and stills and is starting to work on narrative short film projects.

Craig began his career as a copywriter though soon switched to video production after discovering his passion for cameras, composition, and visual storytelling. Fifteen years later, and with hands-on experience in many aspects of production, he runs his own studio in the Canadian Rockies, servicing clients across North America & Europe. As an alumni and faculty director at The Banff Centre in their Film & Television department, he has collaborated with artists from around the world. He has also developed analog glitch-based and audio-reactive editing techniques which give his work a distinctive look, and these can now be seen in his visual arts work.

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Scream from Heartburn
Scream from Heartburn


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I created many layers of video that could be mixed live at an event to generate compositions and mixed live with music.