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How I'm Feeling Now Album Cover and Rationale


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For my project, I decided to create an album cover for pop star Charli XCX using Photoshop. As a fan of Charli XCX, I have been watching her create a new album while in isolation during the Corona Virus Pandemic, which she has given the title ‘How I’m Feeling Now’. This album is being made collaboratively with her fan base, from lyrics, to cover art and music video footage. Inspired by Charli’s candour and emotional vulnerability with her fan base during these uncertain times, I thought it was a no brainer to attempt my own cover art for her album to distil this unique epoch.Conceptually, I wanted to strip back the album cover to be very simple as Charli has never been more open or emotional with her fans than at this point in time. Most of her previous album campaigns are quite glamorous and over the top and her selected fan art works for this project have been very noisy, colourful and busy visually so I wanted to do the opposite here. (Continued in PDF)