How to become a Game Designer - Project (Info-graphic)

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How to Become a Game Designer - Infographic
How to Become a Game Designer - Infographic


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As a part of a training project for the gaming company, I have designed a infographic on the subject of the career in game designing. I have tried to show every aspect you have to master while looking for a job a in the game designing domain. All the content on this infographic is the outcome of a research of 3-4 days. Before looking at the final Infographic let me tell you some of the core responsibilities of a game designer.

1) A game designer has to outlay the core vision behind the game and show its complete effect in the game designing so that every gamer will get to know about the main idea of the game.

2) 2) A game designer doesn't suppose to get involved in designing the artwork of the game and in any type of programmable code of the game.

3) Firstly game designer has to decide the main theme of the game so that he/she can give the proper solid structure to the entire game idea.

Now I have told you about the main duties of game designer lets directly jump to Infographic.