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Hello, my name is Fish.

My real name is Deanne Dychinco. Growing up I have always had a struggle with people spelling or pronouncing my name right. Kim is my other nickname, but there are way too many Kims in this world.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design and pursued a Graduate Diploma in Textile Design at Massey University. However, during my study I realised that my interest was more towards photography, film and user interface and user experience design.

Having a year off working at retail, I have learned to understand different types of people, how to approach them, tailoring options based on their issues, what is comfortable for them, their style preferences and even language.

With this, my goal is to design innovative apps, games, websites or product packaging that will help be of ease based on the clients or target market’s wants and needs.

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Toy Piano and Metronome (2019)
Toy Piano and Metronome (2019)
Toy Piano and Metronome (2019)


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Featured on TheDesignKids:

Tiny Kim is a personal project. It started with me wanting to get my friend a surprise gift to make her happy but unfortunately I could not afford to buy something nice. So I decided to use leftover materials from uni and while I was taking photos of it, I realised that I could make a stopmotion animation of it.