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Art and Design have always fascinated me right from my early age and have always been a massive part of my life. My design skills allow me to approach design from a different angle. I know how important every detail can be, but I also know how to look at everything from a further distance and evaluate the context and I understand the importance of it. I see a design project, not as an opportunity to reveal my artistic talents but more as a possibility to solve the problems and attend the needs of human and the environment. Though I am not saying “form follows function” in my designs, they always go side by side. And I think a great design is the one which helps people or the environment, improves it or fixes a problem and does it in a very tasteful and original way. That is always the goal of my designs and that’s what I think is Design for the Real World.

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Ice Cube
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Ice Cube Table


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Ice Cube table is quite a fun and smooth table designed especially for children, usable both outdoors and indoor. it is extremely smoothed without any sharp edges. All the designs are fun are extra smoothed to be children friendly.