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My name is Tysen Stenzel and I am a junior at Cleveland State University in Cleveland, Ohio. I am currently pursuing my B.A. in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design, as well as receiving minors in Marketing and International Business. I work for Cleveland State Center's Recreation Facility as part of the Graphic Design Team, which promotes and advertises new fitness and special programs.
My special skill set in the design field is typography. I believe typography can express the most about design with the use of white space and other design elements. I am a fast learner, love feedback and I'm eager to have my work critiqued. Design is just like any other sport, practice makes perfect!

Feel free to reach out to me:
Email: stysen23@aol.com

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Rock N Roll Icons


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Had to create icons and decides to create icons for the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH.