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Looking back, we were all a bit crazy back then.


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Project details


My artworks are created by using a mixture of watercolours, paints and random cut outs of magazines. I often use National Geographic magazines because the images in them are intriguing articles about science, geography, history, and world culture.

Each artwork has a theme and whatever magazine I pick out inspires my next work and its colour scheme. My artworks reflect my unusual thoughts and moods and how I see people and objects. When creating a work there is no specific process, I often change it for experimental purposes and to see what works best.

I pick out a few pages of collage that I am going to use for that work then start using a black pen to create a brief outline of a face or shape. I glue ripped or cut of pieces of collage surrounding and, on the area, I have started drawing. A lot of the time I draw on the magazine to add to the image that is already there.