Kenshiro vs Raoh animation

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Hi, my name is Zeeshan Ajmal. I'm currently 17 years old and I am finishing up my final year of high school. I went to St. Dominic's College Kingswood, also I don't know why it says BillyBlue College of Design apparently it won't update for me. The variety of works displayed are ones that I have produced for my school assignments and some are done in my spare time.

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Normal version: 0:48s
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2019 HSC Multimedia assessment.
This scene was taken from the Fist Of The North Star manga and the sounds were a mix of royalty-free sound effects and the voice-acting was from the original 1987 show. NOTE: I do not intend to gain any profit from this as it was only for educational purposes.

I spent around 3 months animating however I had another animation that I was going to have instead of this however, further experimenting with it I was dissatisfied and I reevaluated my gant chart which organized my outcomes and scheduling. I only had a month left and instead created this animation as it is my favorite manga and I wanted to maintain the style it was portrayed in the manga however in an animated form. This was my first time using Animate.