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Life as a child was so hard & miserable for me, i came from a poor upbringing which practically had no one, i felt so alone & went through depression I had to discover who i am by myself and who i want to be and create a brighter future for myself, i used all the things i had gone through to make me strong and prove to myself & those who didn't believe in me that i can do it so i can be an inspiration & role model to others also in my shoes & in art i can express myself. I am someone who loves art and to draw, loves music which is my energy booster, have a wide imagination and my mind literally doesn't stop. I love thinking outside the square and being creative and is a very loving caring person. I have a can do attitude and don't like to give up and very hard working. Fashion is a big passion of mine 1 which i have high dreams & goals which going to work hard to achieve. No matter how hard life gets just want to tell everyone keep your head up & be strong you can change your future.

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Time's to short for sleep walking, So why not make your dreams a reality!!!
Time's to short for sleep walking, So why not make your dreams a reality!!!


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Why in the form of a clock? Because of time. Tik Tok Tik Tok, These days time fly's and we are always so focused in our daily routines and just trying to make a living that we sometimes forget time for ourselves, time for our loved ones, our friends and family. Until its too late. Life does get busy but we should never forget our purpose in life and make time for ourselves and those who love us and think about the things we love to do and chase our dreams because we just don't know when the time will stop ticking. I involved it into the fashion brand also because if you like a product and you want it, you shouldn't wait too long because time just might run out where there's no more stock left so you want something, don't wait till its to late jut grab it while you can. The women represents natural beauty for all out there that feel shy to be themselves and hide who they really are, to just love themselves and have more confidence. Dragons represent strength and power to never give up.