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Legorretta Alive -Istanbul Bilgi University, Visual Communication Design Department's contribution to the Outdoor Vision Festival 2012 held at Santa Fe University of Art and Design (SFUAD)- is an audio-visual performance with experimental techniques, which allow to define the geometry of an object or architecture using three-dimensional video content that emphasize its structure. Using these experimental techniques, we can transform, create, expand, amplify, and interpret spaces by using large scale video projections on architecture or physical objects.

Legorretta Alive was made an homage to Ricardo Legorretta, the world-known Mexican architect of the Visual Arts Center Building at the SFUAD Campus, who passed away on December 30th, 2011. Legorreta -who introduced Mexican modernism to a global audience- was known for his cubic structures, usually painted in striking combinations of rich and brightly colors, forms, patterns and textures. He reintroduced the "wall culture" of Mexico emphasizing the supremacy of solids over voids and the use of color to enclose wall space.

Legorretta Alive is composed of animated monochrome geometrical shapes matching the real size and the shape of two cubic towers at the top of Visual Arts Center Building. The performance consists of three main parts: Part One is a series of simple 2-dimensional animations defining these two cubes; Part Two highlights the patterns, the textures, the drawings and the sketches used by Legorreta as design elements; and, Part Three is the finale where 3-D illusionary contents reveal us Legorreta's total design principles. The performance is also accompanied with a digitally produced abstract soundscape synchronized to the movement of images, re-shaping and transforming the cubic forms on which they are projected.