M’ eating (outdoor kitchen and dinning)

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I am graduated in interior design and the diploma year student of design and visual communication. User-centered design is essential to deliver a successful and valuable project, for both directions. Thanks to taking the second faculty I got a great opportunity to realize interests, enhance knowledge in new areas like the innovations implementation methodology through the use of design thinking methods and research-based design.

During last two years, I gained significant experience working as a designer. Thanks to this experience I understand multidimensionality of this specialization. Success in the area of product design let me experience the full implementation process - from brief, the analysis of the value and brand image, research, design, through prototyping, technological adaptation and implementation into the market after its reception among customers.

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Name: M’ eating
Product: Outdoor furniture set
Idea: kitchen is not just secluded space - it’s space of interaction and celebrating life

Mediterranean culture promotes social type of lifestyle. It focuses on building relations, on
spending time with relatives and friends. Cooking is strong part of it. I would like to present
project which enables to share the moment of food preparation and celebrating being together
during the meal. Simplicity and functionality combined with visual lightness of the forms creates
set of social furniture - M’ EATING - the place where we are meeting for eating.
Presented set includes:
- bbq/fireplace - which is heart of our space, it can be used as bbq grill or as an elegant
fireplace in the evening,
- bar tables - designed form can be arranged around the bbq or in the way you like, or the
way it fits your space. Freedom of arrangement enables different use of set.
- chairs - simple high wire stools