Mask (wet clay post product)

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I draw, I paint, I sculpt, if it can be turned into anything, I'm pretty sure I will get my paws on it and attempt to convince it to take form towards the life that is ahead of the subject in question, or at least guide it to a point where it can take flight to free itself from its constraints and release its potential to invoke the resulting sentient thought that belongs to it.

I love to create, so far it has been with some direction, but not always. I like to believe my creativity is wild and free but needs to be tamed through mentoring and guidance, I have recently joined the prestigious Media Design school in Auckland, New Zealand. I am self taught and much of my art comes free from my own observations without any particular reference to anything. I love to draw but I have gotten to a point where I have become hungry... very hungry for more knowledge and techniques to progress my ability even further. I believe Media Design School can help me achieve that. I hope to be part of a collaborative team consisting of creative and interesting people in the future, but for the moment my hunger for knowledge and my thirst for learning have taken precedence at this point in my life.

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this is the mask.