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I am a Hungarian fashion designer with majors in English and Spanish language and literature born and living in Budapest. My thirst for ideas and need for creative expression have always been dominating my life. I am a very ecologically conscious person, interested in environmental and social issues. The things that inspire me the most are music, humour, nature, fine arts and my urban existence in the heart of Europe.

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When creating my three-piece graduation collection I was expected to define what the concept of a Modern Diva means to me today using the main characteristics of fashion in the 50's and 60's.
Here, I was inspired by those women who, even when wearing ties and a suit, can keep their radiating femininity. Moreover, this interesting contrast highlights it even more.
Instead of designing the usual "layers" of menswear for women I chose to use the dominant lines and silhouttes and create sinlge pieces giving the clothes a playful and humorous character.