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I am a student who is nearing the end of my degree. I have learned to use skills as a motion designer to help others educate and communicate ideas to their audience visually through moving image.

I have experience using Adobe After Effects, Illustrator and Premiere Pro and have experience working on projects with clients.

Project media

Sizzle Reel - Intent: motion design sizzle reel about ourselves, primarily made using After Effects expressions. | July 2016
Brando Yelavich "WildBoy" - Intent: to create a title sequence for a show about Brando Yelavich and how he traveled around the coast of NZ | June 2016
Principles of Animation Display - Intent: to create a piece where the names of the principles of animation display what the principles are | May 2016
Nibiru Trailer - Intent: to create a trailer to a show/film about the Planet Nibiru colliding with Earth | May 2016
Kinetic Typography Practice - Dead Poets Society - Intent: to match the text with the audio | April 2015
AD promoting NZ - Intent: to make a short YouTube AD


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Project details


Motion Design pieces from my time doing Bachelor of Art and Design, at Media Design School. All clips were made using Adobe After Effects.
The videos explore and display skills learned around motion design and VFX including animation principles, After Effects expressions, tracking and kinetic typography.