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I am graduated in interior design and the diploma year student of design and visual communication. User-centered design is essential to deliver a successful and valuable project, for both directions. Thanks to taking the second faculty I got a great opportunity to realize interests, enhance knowledge in new areas like the innovations implementation methodology through the use of design thinking methods and research-based design.

During last two years, I gained significant experience working as a designer. Thanks to this experience I understand multidimensionality of this specialization. Success in the area of product design let me experience the full implementation process - from brief, the analysis of the value and brand image, research, design, through prototyping, technological adaptation and implementation into the market after its reception among customers.

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design board
design board
basic sofa setup
basic sofa setup


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NOMIKO sofa - 3rd award in the IMS4young competition

NOMIKO is a sofa with a simple dynamic form, perfect for modern interiors. The lightweight and oblique line of the couch silhouette, depending on the chosen finish (upholstery color, wooden elements, legs / skids) changes the character of the interior to fit your interior design. As you can see in the visuals, the concept of a sofa gives the opportunity to expand the collection with more elements.
A characteristic feature of the sofas is the finish of the armrests. Plywood bends emphasize the shape of the sofa, while giving it additional functions. In the non-destructive form of the furniture, the armrests provide an additional function of an auxiliary table and a book shelf in one.

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