Obey You - A Pro-active film for Sprite's International brief

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I am someone who loves story-telling. Let it be ideas, visuals, moving images or just a simple narration. Taking this thought forward and with non-art school background, I picked up a camera and started making films. And the journey yet continuesÂ….

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Mofilm published one of the most vibrant brand briefs 'Obey you' which belongs to Sprite. The brief was very challenging and caught our attention, our ideas and a spark in no time. We at Imped Productions created a struggle, an effort and a strong belief in what every peer pressure says 'DO WHAT YOU WANT'.
Lets do what we want. Its time to Obey you.
This film is our take on the brief provided by mofilm. It is completely independent and follows our passion for ad film making. Written, Shot & Compiled by PJ