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I´m a young Art Director from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I started my career at Coupé Buenos Aires in 2011. After that, I joined WebAr (Digital Agency) for a few months before becoming part of the MTV´s World Design Studio Buenos Aires as a creative designer / art director till March 2013.

Today I´m focusing in my personal work as an Art Director / illustrator.

I´ve also made freelance works for Stink São Paulo and Landia L.A.

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Twitter Project.
Art Direction / Illustration.

Copy: "I´ve found the edge of the scotch tape!"

@PequenHitos was made to celebrate those everyday small triumphs that make life a little bit better.
The name "PequenHitos" cames from the spanish words "Pequeñito" (tiny) and "Hito" (milestone).