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A dude looking to venture into the world of motion graphics. I have always been interested in moving image and since the beginning of my previous course. I didn't have the correct skill sets before, but I believe now that I've started on my diploma, the technical skills will be the easy part.

Currently finding the course challenging and also very fruitful.

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An exercise for us to play around, to make it as simple or as complicated as we want. Still wasn't confident with 3D space at this point in time, so everything is just flat or resized to give a false sense of depth.
I had chosen to use the interrogation scene from Shrek 3, because it's just that awesome.
The audio comes from Shrek 3. This video was created for the purposes of education and criticism, falling under 'fair use' under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976.
Materials/letters were created in Photoshop and later edited on Premiere.
Completed Week 3 of AE module.