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Most of us know the importance of questionnaires in collecting survey data from a large audience, but are uncertain about the placement of different types of questions in questionnaire. There are different types of questionnaires possible that pollsters can send to their audience, and the format of questionnaire depends entirely on what information is to be extracted from respondents.

So, the key to creating best questionnaire questions is, understanding the questionnaire format, and the type of questions that can be asked to respondents using a survey..

Examples of such questions are:
1 What are the gadgets that you cant live without
2 Which gadget have you recently bought?
3 Which is your favourite gadget brand?
4 What do you think is ABC's company positions in electronics market?
5 When did you last buy the ABC's product?
6 Would you prefer our products than other brands?
7 Are you satisfied with our products?