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Ray Charles Performing Space was the project that dedicated to Ray Charles, soulmusic musician, pianist and jazz performer from USA. the method to find the information was almost same with the previous project, but in this case, the process of design was preferred because this space wasn't fully devoted to Ray Charles, but in order to commemorate his self as the great musician. there were 3 main programs, education, performing and recreation. these 3 programs were expected to connected each other so that formed a good flow activities. the main idea from this building is music conservatory with five rows of seats and one stage with one grand piano. the room was designed with a good acoustic system with respect to three element; absorption, reflection and diffusion. the design has through a long process to obtain the data and information about the client, about soul music, research about acoustic room and its application and research about the possibility and alternative design that respect to the site, in this case site was given in the beach. i called it really demanding because i was challenged to adjust the design and function as performing space which is need a sooth place and in contrast, i must readjust my design because the site was determined in the beach that has a noise from the wave.