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Revised Prototype - Wire tear Precautionator


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For the details about my Revised Prototype, Please refer to the short, 3 paged PDF FILE attached along.

Design thinking cover wide range of areas including education. Its an integral part of our life without most of us realizing it and as for me education is completed in the same way as a design thinking process. DISCOVER --> DEFINE --> DEVELOP --> DELIVER --> ITERATE --> FINALLY MAKE IT ALL JUST-RIGHT. Same thing we can say for solving issues that comes between us and us achieving our goals (professional goals). first of all we try to identify the problem then we frame the problem or understands it after this we brainstorm and try to find a solution for the problem , now we collect all the ideas and try to turn it into reality and after testing it we consider feedback and suggestions about what could be improved and what could go wrong and then finally come to a suitable solution.