Riol And Ciel

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Hi, my name's Cintia. I'm currently a student in Parahyangan Catholic University majoring in Architecture. Even so, since I was a child it is always my biggest dream to be a comic artist or an illustrator and currently I'm still working my way up.

All the time I feel like I have so many things to tell the world and so many things I want to draw whether it's the world's sake or mine. I want to make artworks that people can relate to even ones that describe the lowest points of their lives--in a way telling them that they're not really alone even though it's inevitable to feel lonely sometimes. I want to make artworks that people can take lessons from and hopefully help them move on to a better picture of their lives. I want to make people feel angry, sad, anxious and all other negative emotions that are sometimes too overwhelming it's impossible for them to ignore, I want them to shout and scream, to cry over what's passed and regret the things that they've done before, but in the very end I hope I could make people feel good about themselves again and laugh--laugh at all the joys that they often forget. I want to make artworks that are also a reminder of good times that had happened or maybe will happen again--that hope is not a mere illusion like we all used to think at some point of our lives.

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This was a crossover between my original character of my story, Riol (the blond one) and my friends original character of her story, Ciel (the dark haired one). The idea was what it would be like when both of them with polar opposite personality walked into a carnival with girls swooning over them xD I was also trying out a different coloring style. I quite liked the outcome.

992×850. Corel Painter 11.