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Acetate is a combination natural and synthetic fibre. The natural element is from the cellulose of wood.

Acrylic fibres are man-made and incorporate by-products from petroleum and natural gas.

Bark cloth is a very old fabric type that was traditionally made and used in parts of Africa, Asia and the Pacific. It comes from the bark of particular trees native to these regions, whereby strips soaked and then beaten into sheets. Bark cloth was used as a garment and furnishings textile.

Blends are a general description of fabrics made of two or more fibres. The idea is to incorporate the distinct characteristics of the separate fibres into one textile.

Cheesecloth is a variant of cotton cloth and has a very loose weave. There are several grades of cheesecloth, ranging from extra-fine to open weaves. It’s mostly used in cooking and, as the name implies, cheese making.

Chiffon is a very sheer, light fabric made out of silk, cotton or synthetic fibres.