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I am currently studying a course in Digital Designing at DSK-ISD based in Pune. I perceive designing as something more than just an art and aspire to change the perception towards designing in to something that every individual could connect to. I have a profound understanding, knowledge and hold sophisticated level of dexterity towards my work. I am diligent, steadfast and possess previous work experience as a graphic designer and a photographer. I have excellent communication skills and aim at escalating by working in a challenging and vivacious environment while contributing to the success of the company.

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The *SEGA-NIZER* has a minimalist yet sleek design in which the calculator, LED lights, Date time display fit neatly into one package. The *SEGA-NIZER* is very well illuminated by the led lights which are smartly placed between the top and bottom surface which protects it from damage, to encourage easy storage and to give us sleek design at the same time. The calculator and the time-date display pops out at the click of the finger which makes it user friendly.
SEGA - In italian means JIGSAW. Jigsaw is all about arranging and organizing the pieces to create a master output. so i have inculcated the name SEGA and ORGANIZE and named my Concept as SEGA-NIZER.