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Trailer for SIBA


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Project details


Me and my team wanted to create a cyberpunk, neon themed multiplayer fps game for my friends to enjoy while challenging each other. In this virtual space the players can sociallise with each other while battling each other with their weapons given. Although the game looks simple, this game can show the players the level of improvement that went through our developers while making this game from unexperienced coder/modeller to somewhat decent game designers!
For those reasons I hope that this game brings people joy with each other whilst playing this game.


WASD to move
SPACE to jump
TAB for menu
LEFT CLICK to shoot
SHIFT to run

Hosting and Joining:
Host button: hosts the game
Join button: Type the ip adress of the host pc and click join game to join the existing game.
The players must be under same network*
using a VPN also works too

Download the game here:

Made by:
Brendan Choi, Kevin Kang, Vladislav Tretyakov