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I had chosen mine. Not an Artist, nor a Designer, nor an Illustrator, nor a Genius, neither Poet, nor an Author, neither Palmist, nor a Mentalist, nor a Wizard, nor Gypsy, nor Conjurer, nor Wind, nor a Preacher, nor Atheist, neither Speed, nor a soldier, nor Inventor, neither Lyricist, nor Abundant, nor a Storyteller, nor Writer, neither Superficial, nor loved, nor Light, nor Life, nor a Philosopher, nor a painter, nor Wanderer, nor Hypnotist, nor Photographer, nor Writer, neither Venom or Phantom..... I am just RANDOM

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"Let ourselves begin"
Sifar is the word of urdu origin meaning "zero". Sifar in itself talks about the origins & infinity, and considered to be the oldest known unit in the history of human communication. Sifar (Zero) is only numeral that remains constant amongst different scripts and mother tongues because of being infinite and its un-potential usage, whereas nothing can initiate before its existence. Exploring the similar in my design where the origins of zero credited to Aryabhatta from India is clearly shown with the tri-color circles. Also to show the never ending cycle of infinity, the Sifar communicates. With the Sifar written in the Urdu-Arabic self-designed calligraphy resonating each of its value in black. To me it sounds as "Safar" (A journey), journey of life and never ending cycle of life & death for which we are born to traverse. So let ourselves begin, begin our new lives each day towards potential.