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A dude looking to venture into the world of motion graphics. I have always been interested in moving image and since the beginning of my previous course. I didn't have the correct skill sets before, but I believe now that I've started on my diploma, the technical skills will be the easy part.

Currently finding the course challenging and also very fruitful.

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Here we had to create an animatic for a trailer if that we supposedly would create if it was good enough.
I came up with a story about an alternative world where everyone has objects as their head. A figure known locally as the Sockhead is a poor misunderstood soul who as described, wears a sock on his head. The trailer ends with him finally giving in to pressure, stripping off his mask and revealing his object/head/face.
Spoilers- He has a broken ceramic plate as a head. He wears a sock to hide his scar.
I do not own or claim ownership of the song Breath - Breaking Benjamin. This video was created for the purposes of education and criticism, falling under 'fair use' under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976.
Completed Week 6 of AE module.