Project media

A series of posters that successfully increased the audience size at the game.
Staff vs Student ad for the soccer game that I made. The final logo was changed before it was shown to the school to the same logo as the poster.


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Project details


This is a project I made as a Year 12 leader to advertise our annual Staff vs Students games. There is one each term and at the end of the year and overall winner is announced out of who won the most sports. In recent years the annual tradition had lost interest from the students, so I started this project to try and improve the attitude towards the game and attempt to get a larger audience to increase profit to be donated to UNICEF. I took all the photos and photoshopped them to create the poster.
The video was made using a camera and a gimbal. I created a storyboard and presented it to the rest of the leadership team. After they approved my concept I emailed and got the staff and the students I needed to film the video. I editted the video together and it was presented to the school the next week in assembly.