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BodyOfWork (HSC) - States of Catharsis


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Emotions are universal; we elect to either overtly state how we truly feel or conceal our feelings. The expression of one’s emotions is a raw and cathartic experience, exposing our complex and occasionally flawed mental health, while also proposing subtle hope. My series aims to dive into the human soul and the various states of well-being. The medley of expressions and positions assumed by the figures illustrate the intricacies of human psychology - various states of wellness that are unknowingly communicated. As a society, “accepted” understandings of physical-emotional cues exist, suggestive of the mental health continuum. Although great lengths to conceal our mental health are enacted, it is futile to completely mask all tell-tale signs; our bodies automatically embrace and reflect our varied and complex cognitive, emotional and social health.
Drawing is a significant attribute within the fashion industry - sketching figures, garments or simple ideas.

Completed for my HSC BOW.