Project media

Stayin Alive Animation, incorporating elements of 2D animation, 3D animation, stop motion animation and rotoscope animation.


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Project details


Animation both conceptually and technically interests me as a creator. A huge admiration has developed for the art within animation, including the colours and drawing techniques among all styles and forms. Within animation the possibilities are endless, by creating characters and worlds from the ground up the creator is allowed total control and freedom. The storyline of my animation was the most important aspect of creating my project and wanted to project a clear message onto audiences. When creating my storyline my main source of inspiration came from my dad, he lives his life not on a screen and only using a phone to call people occasionally.He constantly inspires me to not live through a screen and to connect with people in real life. His actions inspired the main concept of the animation ‘Stayin Alive’ and was an inspirational message that everyone can relate to across all age groups.