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Life as a child was so hard & miserable for me, i came from a poor upbringing which practically had no one, i felt so alone & went through depression I had to discover who i am by myself and who i want to be and create a brighter future for myself, i used all the things i had gone through to make me strong and prove to myself & those who didn't believe in me that i can do it so i can be an inspiration & role model to others also in my shoes & in art i can express myself. I am someone who loves art and to draw, loves music which is my energy booster, have a wide imagination and my mind literally doesn't stop. I love thinking outside the square and being creative and is a very loving caring person. I have a can do attitude and don't like to give up and very hard working. Fashion is a big passion of mine 1 which i have high dreams & goals which going to work hard to achieve. No matter how hard life gets just want to tell everyone keep your head up & be strong you can change your future.

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Brighton up your day, Life can be dark and depressing but your outfit doesn't have to be also!
Brighton up your day, Life can be dark and depressing but your outfit doesn't have to be also!


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This piece of art is inspired by my deep cultural roots from my traditional home town where there they don't have much but they live with their heads up high with bright colors and appreciate each day as it is and so happy. The different colors represent us, that we are not all the same that we all unique in our own way and when we all come together we create something remarkable and shine with bright colors. The black sqaures shows our dark days the days we feel down, or loosing hope or feel broken but then its surrounded with many colors showing our good days that there's light always around the corner and that there are brighter days also. The vest has a zipper on both sides and a front chest zip. As you can see the person in the outfit is facing away to show our fear trying out new things and how we hide away from something thats different and sometimes get embarrassed or shy to express ourself. Lets be bald, confident, express ourselves freely. There will be a brighter day.