The Anger Inside

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Been a geek all my life. PC gaming is my go to hobby along with art and Dungeons and Dragons with my friends, anything creative I thrive on.
I have managerial experience of 2.5 years with the diploma to go along with it.
I am a committed and mature individual who is calm and humble.
I want my career to be in the creative industry focused in gaming so I enjoy every day of my job.
Currently studying Game art at Media Design school.

Project media

The anger inside ourself waiting to come into the light
The anger inside ourself waiting to come into the light


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Project details


I wanted to combine the golden ration and the rule of thirds when placing the subject in this piece. The head of the dragon was to be one power point and the tail tip to be the opposing one to balance. The body of the dragon was placed to follow the golden ratio arc and guide the eye of the viewer to the head. The background cave is in a similar curve to oppose the arc of the dragon and bring the eye back around to the tail from the head. The white light becomes the tunnel for the eyes as the stalactites and depth keep the viewers’ eyes towards that tunnel.
The dragon is present to represent anger. I thought it fit well as they are mighty beasts just as anger is a strong emotion. Furthermore, he is coloured red to aid in this representation of anger and the cave is grayscale to show the contrast and the difference between anger and the other emotions. The dragon is inside a cave just like anger is not always present on the outside of one's persona.