The Dutch Contraption

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I'm a freelance photo-illustrator, I specialise in Photoshop and 3D work. My passion is all things Photoshop, photography plays a big part in what I do as I shoot all my own stock wherever humanly possible.

I work for clients from all corners of the globe, my work has found its way into magazines, advertising, album covers and posters just to name a few uses. My work was even projected onto some of Australia's most iconic buildings for the 2012 Enlighten Canberra Festival. I also write for a number of online and hardcopy Photoshop publications like Advanced Photoshop, PSDtuts+ and Der Bildbearbeiter.

I am currently based in Canberra, Australia, working out of the Milkbar studio ( with a great bunch of wildly talented freelancers.

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Constructed entirely out of my own shots of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Amsterdam was a fun city, probably my personal favourite so far in Europe - on top of that when I went there originally it was during the Football/Soccer World Cup and the place was drowning in the colour Orange. The Dutch are incredibly passionate about football and their team, The Oranje. There was seriously funky Architecture there too.

The other things you notice about the city is that there are so many bicycles there (apparently there is 1.6 bicycles for every person in the Netherlands) and the fields and fields of wind turbines everywhere surrounding the city.

The result is a wind powered vehicle-city that moves about on thousands of bicycles and likes to hang buildings out over open space unsupported